SABYINYO COMMUNITY LIVELIHOOD ASSOCIATION (SACOLA), is a non-profit-making association governed by the law n° 2°/2000 of July 26, 2000 relating to the non-profit-making associations. It was created in 2004 by the population of the former ex-Kinigi District (actually Kinigi sector) surrounding the National park of Volcanoes with the assistance of the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks ORTPN, the International Gorillas Conservation Program IGCP, the government authorities of surrounding sectors and Kinigi District. The association started with 34 founder members representing the rest of the population of sectors surrounding Volcanoes National park.

SACOLA Association was created within a framework of conservation of volcanoes National Park in order to help the surrounding population to initiate development activities for improving their livelihood while at the same time limiting the threats to conserving volcanoes National Park in general and maintain gorillas in particular.

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