To conserve the natural resources, for the improved livelihood of the Virunga zone (Akarere k’ibirunga) community, community tourism, infrastructure development and sustainable conservation.

Our vision

Improve community living standards and sustainable natural resources management within the Virunga zone and help transform livelihoods from a poor class to a progressive sustainable income earning community. 

Community Benefits and Products Accruing from SACOLA

There are a lot of reasons to rely on SACOLA

1-Higher end Eco-lodge (Sabyinyo Silverback lodge) that has at least 16 beds to accommodate tourists.

2- The Sacola community walk and cultural centre; an initiative which offers a wide range of things for sustainable development of tourism, including ecology, heritage, culture and ways of life of the community members in Kinigi, and Nyange sectors.

3- Increase community tourism and infrastructure in the sectors of Nyange and Kinigi.

Latest news

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