The school construction has reduced the distance traveled by children to the nearest schools, allowing them to spend more time on their studies
Rwanda-SACOLA-traditional-dancers-perfom-before-gorilla-tracking.In general, the experience can only be different due to the way a particular gorilla family behaves in front of the trackers, how long and tough one has to track before reaching the gorillas and the way the park staff conduct the exercise.
Over 200 cows worth Rwf20m given to the most vulnerable, mostly widows of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The village provides houses, water tanks and plots of land to people living close to the edge of the national park who are being resettled within the framework of the park extension project. Many houses were connected with power in both Nyange and Kinigi, and Sacola played a major role in the anti-thatched housing campaign in the district, donating 2,600 iron sheets to 130 vulnerable families.



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